* Reservations are open for 30 days (e.g. May 5th – June 4th) if they are unavailable it is because they are already fully booked. If the dates beyond 30 days (e.g. 18th June considering that you are booking on 5th May) are canceled it is because they are still unavailable. The system works. Reservations open every day from midnight. There are only a few seats, so be patient… at the moment a telephone contact is not available.

ATTENTION: Read here before booking

By booking with ResDiary you accept the following rules:

Armando al Pantheon is an intimate and familiar environment.

It has always been visited by italian and foreign customers, as sharing food and traditions is fundamental for us.

We only have 20 restaurant seatings inside (to guarantee the safety guidelines required by law during this pandemic), that you can book here on our site.

For the booking of seatings, the number of people, the day and the time needs to be indicated (up to 6 people and don’t forget to book a seat for you children as well, indicating whether you’ll need space for the stroller or if they’ll use a normal chair).

The “notes” area is ONLY needed to communicate any sort of allergy or intolerance and NOT to modify any part of the booking as it won’t be taken into consideration (for example, if you book for 4 people you can’t write that you’ll be 6 instead).

Once the booking is done, you will receive a confirmation email.

IF THE CONFIRMATION doesn’t arrive:

  1. Check that it is not in the SPAM
  2. If it’s NOT in the SPAM, the booking without its confirmation has not been made.

While making the booking, on the menu will appear a section with the available time spots that you can chose from so, if some hours don’t appear it means that they are already taken.  

During the booking, no money will be charged but any cancellation must be communicated at least 24 hours before.

If this doesn’t happen or there is a no show, meaning that the people who book don’t come or that the cancellation has been done less that 24 hours prior, you’ll be charged 25 € per person.

The table will be considered booked for 15 minutes, after this time and without any notice, the table will be considered free.

The booking round lasts 2 hours.

The menu’ can be changed based on the season in order to always guarantee only fresh produce with a short supply chain that we chose and wanted as it is warranty of genuineness and taste.

WE DO NOT ORGANIZE DINNERS ABOVE 6 people – WE DO NOT ORGANIZE CORPORATE DINNERS that would require the exclusivity of the place that should be booked with a large anticipation by sending an email to the following email address:

By accepting to book, you declare that you have read and understood the terms.



Armando al Pantheon requires a credit card number as a guarantee for the reservation; the information is retained in order to confirm the booking and no cost will be charged for it. However, Armando al Pantheon reserves the right to charge a penalty of 25 € (twenty five / 00 euros) for each cover booked in the event of a no-show by the customer: this penalty is charged in the event that, after booking and receiving email to confirm that the reservation has been made, the customers should not show up (no-show) as they have not canceled the reservation no later than 1 hour before it.
This contract is considered operational from the moment the booking is confirmed by us by e-mail. Otherwise it lapses. In the event of a subsequent modification of the reservation, reference is made to the date of the last modification and the contract is deemed tacitly renewed under the same conditions.
Please note that Armando al Pantheon, in accordance with applicable laws, applies a delay policy with a wait of 15:00 minutes; in case of longer delay Armando al Pantheon may not be able to guarantee the reservation and the latter is to be considered canceled.