Interview with Claudio Gargioli aka the “Blecchescieff ” at Armando Al Pantheon

This is your second book. Writing is not new to you, you’ve always written, both for stage and prose: is there a connection between wri- ting and cooking?  Every chef is an artist. e Their trademark ingredient is imagination, the same quality you need to write. So yes, undoubtedly the two things are very closely […]

Dario Fo and Franca Rame

“Good morning, Armando al Pantheon”. “I’m Dario Fo, can I speak to Franca?”  That was the first time I heard and spoke to Nobel Prize in Literature, Dario Fo.  Franca was Franca Rame, obviously, Senator of the Republic then. We’re now 2006 and she used to have lunch at least once a week in our […]

Comunichiamo alla nostra clientela che, In vista dell’attuazione del nuovo DPCM di oggi 25 ottobre, da domani il ristorante sarà chiuso la sera.

Tutte le persone che hanno una prenotazione saranno avvisate e possono comunque effettuare il take away.