Sommelier by Armando al Pantheon, the historic restaurant in the capital.

Always counted among the best representatives of the Roman gastronomic tradition. Gambero Rosso: 3 prawns from 2014 to 2016 and in 2018, Osteria Slow Food: Chiocciola from 2013 to today.

She is a professional sommelier (diploma issued in 2006 by the AIS (Italian Sommelier Association). In 2014/2015 he followed and completed the Master course on the Chianti Classico course, held by Armando Castagno

She coordinates the dining room service, he takes care of Armando al Pantheon’s wine list.

She studies Italian autochthonous vines with particular interest.

In her spare time he continues his professional training, visiting wineries. She loves the direct relationship with vineyards and cellars, the first major element of evaluation with which he chooses the wines to be included on the list.


She is a founding member of the non-profit organization “FFK”

A non-profit association which, through the production of a wine, collects funds necessary to support projects related to the “Bambino Gesù” hospital and other structures.


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